Sunday, April 25, 2010

Work As A Team With The Bookstore That Is Hosting Your Signing

When you or your publicist schedule a book signing,work as a team with the venue by providing marketing material well in advance of the event so they can start promoting you. Many bookstores are understaffed so hosting a book signing is a lot of extra work. If they know they are getting your help they will be more inclined to add you to their list of events. Send them bookmarks unique to the event, fliers that they can post around the store. Send out an email blast letting everyone know where you will be and utilize your social networks. Many bookstores want to know that you will invite your family and friends to the signing. The truth is your friends and family already have your book. You want new readers that haven't had the pleasure of curling up with your great book and getting lost in the pages. So spread the word. It's great way to meet new people and promote new readers.


Alexis said...

I hope to (one day)have a book signing! If I do, I'll remember this post! ;)
Visiting you awesome blog via the Blog Hop!

Denise said...

Keep me posted on your book signings Alexis.
Good luck with your writing and thanks for visiting.

Sheila Deeth said...

I just wish I could get a bookstore to look at my books. As soon as they hear "self-published" they seem to reply "go away." But there is one, a long long way from here, that's been selling my books for me. Just too far off to do a signing.