Friday, August 19, 2011

The Rules Have Changed

I think about books and marketing all the time. I mean all the time. I don't even listen to the radio in the car because I don't want the background noise to disrupt my thoughts. I also think about how I can teach my clients that the Old Rules of Marketing don't apply anymore. I get a lot of resistance but I have to keep pushing because I know once they get the hang of it and let go of the fear magic happens.

The old rules were pretty cut and dry. Advertising and branding. Reaching as many as possible with the tools you had to work with. If you are a major brand then you can advertise on radio, tv, cable etc... but if you are an author with a limited budget you need to be more creative. So you contact bookstores and schedule book signings. Then you put an ad in the paper letting people know that you will be at the bookstore. I know when I say bookstore many are wondering what I'm talking about. It saddens me to say that bookstores are dying at a rapid rate. I am a huge bookstore lover so it really is upsetting. I have a special place in my heart for the Independent Bookstore. Where you can walk in and people ask you what you like to read and give you ideas of great books that you might never know about if it were not for the bookseller in that store. Okay I got a bit off track but maybe not. The reason you may not have ever heard about that book is because of the limited budget for marketing. Don't get me wrong, you still need a budget for marketing your book but you get more bang for your your buck now. I know it's overwhelming and scary and all of those things.

Find a publicist that understands you and will work with you. Let them do the leg work so you can keep writing. I have found when authors try to do the marketing themselves they become discouraged and stop marketing. When your publicist gives you those to do lists that only you can do. Do it. Make the time. This is a business. You will get out of it what you put into it.

We are very lucky! The Web has changed the rules and we have to change our marketing. Many people are very uncomfortable with the internet. GET COMFORTABLE! You know the old saying, " If you can't beat em', join em".

You have the chance to reach the world. What's stopping you?


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Okay Let's Rock This Book Business!

The book business has changed. I miss the idea of bookstores but I love the concept that we are no longer geographically challenged. Now we can reach the world from our computer. Just because you don't have to leave the home office doesn't mean you don't have to work. There are things you have to do and keep doing in order to bring attention to your work. You have to blog. You have to comment on other blogs. Yes, it takes time but the results are great! Blog Tours are great! We set those up all the time and they do work. Does it happen overnight? No but anything worth having is worth working for. It is a rare occasion that success happens overnight. I work with authors all the time. I consult on a regular basis. Those that follow the road map we set up are seeing success.

I know it's weird, and different but man this new book business is FUN! Take the plunge!