Friday, October 1, 2010

What Form Of Marketing Works Best For You???

We travel this maze of book marketing trying to find what works best for each of us. Different approaches work for different authors and genres. A marketing plan that works great for one author crashes and burns for another. As a self published author, what has worked best for you? How much time to do you spend marketing yourself or do you have help with your marketing efforts?

I look forward to trading marketing information with you!

Happy Writing!

Remember book marketing and publishing doesn't have to be stressful or costly.


Belinda Kroll said...

I tend to use the markets that are free to me, i.e. Twitter, Goodreads, Facebook, my website, etc. I do it by social networks because people will get to know me and will hopefully want to try my books.

I have no idea if it's working yet. I've only been actively marketing for three months.

Denise said...


Good Luck! It does take time but once it takes off you will be amazed. As you hear from new people ask where they heard about you. Have you thought about a blog tour? They are a great tool to spread the word. Thanks for sharing your marketing ideas.