Friday, June 4, 2010

Should I Do A Newsletter?

Let’s talk newsletters… I think newsletters are a great way to keep you in front of your audience. The goal should be a newsletter that provides information the reader will find useful. I like a monthly newsletter unless you have some great info that you can’t wait to pass along.
The body of your newsletter should be something new from you. Let the reader know what you have been up to. Talk about your family if you want. We feel closer to you if we know about you. We are more interested in staying in touch.
You will also want to list your events and invite your readers to join you if they are in the neighborhood. You may want to introduce a fellow author. That provides some filler for you and helps the featured author. We all know that every now and then coming up with content on a regular basis can be a bit of a challenge.
If you can, it’s always great to offer something like a giveaway. That will give you some insight as to how many are actually reading the newsletter.
That in mind I also recommend utilizing a newsletter service. By using a service you are able to track how many addresses were sent the newsletter, how many were opened, how many bounced, how many clicked through to your web site and how many unsubscribed.
I provide a newsletter service for my clients so they do nothing but provide the content. I provide some of the filler for them and track progress and let them know. The idea is to keep you writing not doing a bunch of busy work. Leave that to someone else.
Newsletters are a great and inexpensive way to keep your followers informed and keep your name out there.
Remember… Out of Sight Out of Mind, not a good thing.
Happy Writing and Reading!


Tami said...

Denise -

May I post a link to this post on my weekly Marketing Monday for the authors I work with? I certainly hope so, it's good information.



Denise said...

Hi Tami,
Sure you can! Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Crazy days!! I'd like to talk to you more about what you do.


Sheila Deeth said...

Definitely something worth thinking about. At the moment I think my blog is kind of my newsletter, but not well publicized.